About us

Ladies and gentlemen who lovews "Unique Fashion" more than anyone else,

This time, "Closet of Japan" will deliver to everyone in the world.
Each Japanese creator carefully worked on each one,
It is the only handmade product in the world.

It may be a product using traditional Japanese fabrics.
It may be a product made with ancient Japanese technology.
It may be a product made by a famous craftsman in Japan.

What kind of wonderful products will pop out of this mysterious closet?
Fully enjoy the "beauty", "delicacy", "cuteness", and "coolness" of genuine Japanese products that are unique in the world.
We hope that your "Uniqueness" will shine brighter when you wear our unique products.


atelier NORIKO

Japanese kimono fablic crane pattern party bag


Japanese kimono fablic orange newsboy cap


Chrysanthemum pattern dress with belt